"You’ll Never See Me Again" - Adele

:* spirit song.

fact. :*

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Sparks The Rescue - “Shes’s a Bitch and I’m A Fool”

oh memories..


Sam Hunt : Ex To See


Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ played at 33 RPM… this is amazing and so weird. i love it.

This has gotta be my next vinyl purchase just so i can do this




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Bootleg Glory : czech them out

Bootleg Glory : czech them out


im late on this train but i dont care


Bootleg Glory- Young Ambition

so proud to be a part of their team. true musicians that always put on one hell of a show. Check out their touring dates:

Nashville, TN The Basement. 8/3

Nashville, TN Title Boxing. 8/5

Nashville, TN House Party 8/08

Washington, DC Velvet Lounge 8/12

Rochester NY California Brew 8/14

Oshwa ON Moustache Club 8/15

Bowmanville ON Shooters 8/16

Toronto ON Sneaky Dee’s 8/21

New York, NY Arlene’s Grocery 8/25